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Release Date: July 7, 2017
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The Green Seed –Revolution OK

Release Date: July 7, 2017

Materializing from some dark corner of the universe, The Green Seed suddenly reemerge with “Revolution Ok”.

The first recorded sounds to be heard from the Birmingham, Alabama group since their critically acclaimed album ‘Drapetomania’ are a reminder of the unique place The Green Seed occupy in hip-hop.

Those fortunate enough to witness the band’s constantly evolving live show have seen the group introduce live guitars, drums, and horns into their performance. Without a backing track in sight, the band build their thick atmospheres of raw beats and melody with multiple MPCs and turntables on deck.

‘Revolution Ok’ certainly serves as a passageway into The Green Seed’s ever-unfolding story.

Art and design / ehquestionmark

Revolution OK

The Green Seed 2 Chorus
I’m here. You say. Outrageous. No way. You’ll learn. I’ll pray. Revolution OK 2X

R-Tist Verse
Good luck corruptness impedes and it left that musty pungent degree we obsess, what’s beyond leave thieves in distress cuz in what we trust in we’ll see manifest.
He can attest to the dreams that possess these shes with weaves stand diseased in a dress. Petty bets use speed to protect dweeb fiend fa odds and what feeling’s the best.
Perusing so loosely could too be a rendezvous coup who’s alluding. Diluting your duty profusely. Maneuver these 2 seats per two. Sync. Maybe it makes sense or pays to be ancient so yep I can wait slave tha day to be tasteless.
They can’t resist they delay the engagement. The shit we nay say paved the way to vacation. Ya know.

Complete Verse
Rather humbling isn’t it? You thought that you could pitch a fit until I split you with a Crixus hit.
He came a long way since 30 Days of Night,
Then he went to killin Domina’s in bloody fights.
Okay, sometime the mind strays, sublime the rhyme stays, why deny a kind face?
Maybe you’re the villain in this place, a Grand Dragon who’s plottin for the master race.
And if that’s the case, I’ll hit you with a mass array
Of lattes to get pissy and soul ya sheets
Randall boiled the beat, busy I’m bound to get,
Foil ya feet, toil in heat like I’m poundin grits.
That’s the sound you get whenever you mix yellow to blue, hip hop revolution with a skeleton crew.
Let’s settle this due, I know you don’t respect the crew, but it’s okay; we always got some fat to chew

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The Green Seed – Revolution OK

Release Date: July 7, 2017
Digital Single
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