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Gregory Scott Slay – Horsethief Beats

Release Date: October 18th, 2011

The Sound Will Find You

In his final public statement the late Gregory Scott Slay pronounced

“Horsethief Beats is now marching on ether towards you. I invite you to drop in for a listen. ! am grateful that i have completed this piece of work and would like to share it with all peoplescreatures.
peace, strength, & clarity
gregory slay”

Fulfilling his request , we are honored to offer you Horsethief Beats / the sound will find you in Limited Edition Vinyl and high quality digital MP3s.

“In October of 2009 Gregory Scott Slay and I put the finishing touches on what would turn out to be his final full length recording. Gregory, myself and our writing partner Cedric LeMoyne had all recently relocated with our families to Birmingham, Alabama. Returning to our roots , the thunderstorms and humidity, we would continue to collaborate as well as dive into our individual recording projects.

Having just become a husband and a father, Slay set up shop in his new house surrounded by the things he loved most. In Gregory’s world there was no line between art and life. Recording took place everyday, it was essential to his being. From the bed, to the kitchen, to the microphone with a child on his lap….. he was fluid and seamless.
The year had not been easy, Gregory had already faced an unfriendly reminder of his ongoing spar with cystic fibrosis.
Gregory went into hyper focus, taking stock of his blessed life and he tapped into his most honest self.
I was fortunate to be his sounding board. Spending many late nights listening to the new sound Gregory was harnessing, it was clear a very special album was emerging. Entering with the voices of his wife and child, Gregory starts the procession of complex rhythm that only he could create or execute. Cedric and I would soon be called in to lay down bass and guitars while Gregory’s father, HAN, drove into town to record saxophone over his sons newest creation. Our last step was to commit the final version to analogue tape at my studio. I remember Gregory’s smile as the sound poured out of the speakers.
This album is filled with both a deep sense of urgency and of resignation. To hear (the conversation of) a spirit that is ready to move on, and a human not ready to let go. I now invite you to explore the truly inspiring, beautiful world of Gregory Scott Slay.

jeffrey cain
Communicating Vessels
october 2010

Gregory Scott Slay – New Loop, Old Hope

"...the unique rhythms and compelling sounds of Horsethief Beats make it a keeper."

− PopMatters

"Horsethief Beats is a unique ride through the mind of a man who obviously influenced a great many people in a very big way."

− Babysue

"Horsethief Beats was created with a palpable sense of urgency that can be felt in every beat and is a lasting and final testament to Gregory Scott Slay's excellent musical career."

− Atlas and the Anchor

"...Horsethief Beats is an interesting, curious record of a man experimenting with sound and music at a time in his life when most people would be preoccupied."

− The Big Takeover

Gregory Scott Slay – Horsethief Beats

HTCD0023: Deluxe CD + DL
HTLP0023: Limited Edition Vinyl + DL
HTDL0023: Digital Download
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