ABOUT “Meteors in Gorges”

“Meteors in Gorges,” the new single from Through the Sparks, comes on the heels of 2016’s Transindifference LP. It marks the first time the band has put a producer (two actually) at the helm: Communicating Vessels label-head Jeffrey Cain and Birmingham, Alabama’s Daniel Farris co-produced the track. The attitude and textures are immediately noticeable as new territory. Sounds and ideas that might’ve been periphery have taken the wheel.

It started as one of bassist and founding member Greg Slamen’s many synth-heavy creations. Singer-guitarist-lyricist Jody Nelson heard it in transit on a short run of shows and found it to be “vulgarly catchy and irresistible.” The lyrics were adapted from a notebook of a few abandoned ideas that “place absurdities — love and nature’s cruelty — in a world without Newtonian physics, where they make more sense,” Nelson said.

Through the Sparks’ newest addition, drummer Mikey Williams, put real drums on the demo and it was sent to the label. With positive reaction, they booked studio time at Communicating Vessels the next week and put it to tape and mixed it in a couple of days. The drum take is a first-take, as-is nearly everything else that stayed on the final recording. The six-member female chorus at the end was assembled in the early morning hours between day two and three of the session and is comprised of some of Birmingham’s best singers. The studio had a “serious music party” atmosphere and that feeling made it onto the tape.


“Birmingham, Alabama, just might be the last place in the U.S. you’d expect to find an American match for the culturally keen observations-rock of Britain’s Pulp – nevertheless, meet singer/songwriter Jody Nelson and Through the Sparks. The band is no mere doppelganger, though.”
– Blurt

“Lazarus Beach is a sophisticated sprawl of sound and songs, with elements of power pop, 70s singer/songwriter, prog, indie guitar rock, and even some smooth southern soul.”
– Pitchfork

“Retro-pop in the vein of The Kinks “Everybody’s in Show Biz” era, Through the Sparks ignite what’s come before them, building it into a where-there’s-smoke-there’s-fire album even though the comparisons are evident, the band avoids being overly enamored with the afore mentioned trend recasting and re-imaging their music.”
– Jersey Beat

“Not gonna lie: I’m kind of obsessed with Birmingham, Ala.’s Skybucket Records, especially this EP from Through the Sparks. It’s a perfectly gauzy, practically glammy slab of summer rock that manages to evoke Mott the Hoople, mojitos and marijuana-laced comestibles, staying super-loose without getting sloppy.”
– Nashville Scene

“The sterling indie pop of Lazarus Beach is a welcome breath of fresh air from a band that clearly loves music without pretense or posturing. Each track is finely tuned to appeal to the music geek in every listener, full of bouncy, loping piano melodies and softly-muted horns that support verbose, clever lyrics.”
– Paste Magazine

“Trippy music for smart people … Through the Sparks are a band with talent and imagination.”
– All Music Guide

“When the intricate soundscapes and melancholy harmonies bring to mind Wilson’s “Smile,” Wilco’s “Summerteeth” and the Waterboys’ “This Is the Sea,” it’s happy slogging.”
– Good New Music

“Remember the name Jody Nelson, because you’ll soon be hearing it mentioned with the likes of Jeff Tweedy, Ron Sexsmith, and A.C. Newman.”
– Quick Before It Melts

“Through the Sparks conjures up a mighty indie-rock groove, something with the swagger of Spoon when Britt Daniel and co. are strutting their stuff.”
– PopMatters


Produced by Daniel Farris, Jeffrey Cain and Through The Sparks
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Farris
Assistant Engineer Brad Timko

Performance credits:
Drums: Mikey Leon Williams
Keys and Bass: Greg Slamen
Guitar and Vocals: Jody Nelson

Background vocals:
Andrea Paschal
Lindsay Ellinas
Mandy Graffeo
Jacklyn Loquidis Hamric
Janet Simpson
Rebekah Fox



Publicity/Label Contact:
Travis Morgan – Communicating Vessels
[email protected]


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