When Scotty Lee began writing the songs that ultimately became the core of the rock band GT, he couldn’t have been any lower—physically or emotionally. At the age of 24, Lee, then already a veteran of a dozen other acts, had back surgery. But the incision and its supposed repairs weren’t permanent. Four years ago, while living north of Birmingham at his father’s outpost alongside the winding Coosa River, his spine and hips seemed to shift out of place.

He got immobile.

He got depressed.

And for the better part of a month, he lay down on the floor and just wrote songs.

“Then, when I got better,” says Lee with a rueful chuckle, “I put a band together.”

Seemingly well rested from his riverside recuperation, Lee indeed got busy with the new group. He’d been playing with bassist Byron Sonnier when the group was an idea more than an actual set of songs. They recruited drummer Mark Beasley and started writing in earnest.

\\GT// – Open Up Video