A Birmingham power trio given to insistent but agile rhythms and psychedelic interpretations of standard rock muscle, \\GT// self-released two excellent EPs in 2013. Spurred by the enthusiasm of Alabama label and recording studio Communicating Vessels, who signed on to produce and release the band’s debut LP, the trio doubled down to make their best work yet—the thrilling, anthemic, addictive eight-song debut, Beats Misplaced.

It’s a rock ’n’ roll thrill ride, full of pumping beats and plangent guitars, howled vocals and hooks that past. For these eight tunes, the blues commingle with noise rock, and a righteous boogie pulsates beneath shoegaze distortion. Think Japandroids or No Age being born in and embracing the humid and strange American South, and you start to hear \\GT// through the haze.

Front man and lead guitarist Scotty Lee had tinkered with various incarnations of “GT,” the unifying acronym of his one-man arts-and-music project alternately known as Green Teeth, Get Tryin’ and Ghost Traveler. He’s been playing in bands since high school, from early cover acts and sets of instrumental brooders to post-hardcore crews and straight-ahead rock acts. But \\GT// was a chance for him to separate himself from the frustrations of band life and start an outlet that would be forever his. With Byron Sonnier on bass and Mark Beasley on drums, both respected veterans of the music community themselves, Beats Misplaced represents the fulfillment of self-determination and the start of a great new rock band from the depths of the South.


“3 1/2 Stars” ~ Rolling Stone (Germany)

“So confrontational is their sound we found ourselves bathed in sweat, pulse racing and fists clenched. We loved it.” ~ Far Out Magazine

“…they pull things round with “Something’s Wrong With My Mind” which is ace, and sounds a bit like Hawkwind, if Hawkwind were from Seattle in 1990 instead of Ladbroke Grove in 1969. We’re calling it space-grunge, and you read it here first.” ~ Classic Rock

“Unrelenting and deeply powerful, \\GT// are simply more mind expanding, more visceral and more psychedelic than any other contender.” ~ CLASH MAGAZINE

“Alabama three piece \\GT// air a sound so humid and high-octane it’s practically dripping with sweat. ‘Something’s Wrong With My Mind’ is a full frontal assault of powerful and heady psych.” ~ The 405

“Like ZZ Top covering Swans. 7/10″ ~ UNCUT

All Songs Written By: Jeffery Scott Lee II (ASCAP) except tracks 1 & 7 (written by GT)
All Lyrics Written By: Jeffery Scott Lee II (ASCAP)
All Songs Performed By: GT // GetTryinMusic (ASCAP), gaucho speed (BMI), nuffymusic (ASCAP)

Produced By: GT & Taylor Hollingsworth
Engineered By: Brad Timko
Mixed By: Lynn Bridges & GT
Mastered By: Paul Logus (PLX Mastering, NYC)
Album Layout By: Brandon Watkins & GT
Album Art By: Jeffrey Scott Lee II – Byron Nuffy Sonnier – Jonathan Purvis

© 2015 Communicating Vessels, All Rights Reserved


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